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Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd. 

-a German capital company in Sichuan, China

Competence Mass-production of plants through micropropagation is a core competence of Hengduan Biotech. Our focus lies on the mass-propagation of orchid species, but we also work with hybrids as well as other plant groups. Hengduan Biotech is a combination of German scientific-technical know-how, quality control and Chinese industriousness.

Focus Our work started as a spin-off from a conservation project in the Huanglong National Park in Northern Sichuan, China. Since 2003 a modern plant tissue culture (plant-TC) laboratory in Chengdu develops protocols for the propagation of such difficult and diverse genera as Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum and Cymbidium of the Subgenus Jensoa (Oriental cymbidiums) as well as easier epiphytic tropical orchids and various ornamental plants from other families.

Proven Quality We have tested various producers of biochemicals and other plant TC-related items. A network of reliable sources for tested products is the result. Additionally we have developed a multitude of plant tissue media, mainly designed or modified for orchid micropropagation (TC and asymbiotic seed sowing), unique additives for media and other plant-TC related items. China has become world leader in the manufacturing of many biochemicals. Hengduan Biotech is in the unique situation to share the advantage of location with our international customers by offering proven high-quality products with attractive prices.

Dual Approach Hengduan Biotech offers laboratory items designed for plant-TC and orchid micropropagation that were developed and are used to improve the routine work in our laboratory. The plants we offer are raised in our nursery from micropropagated material produced in vitro by our own staffs.

Conservation & Marketing Ex-situ conservation is another core competence of Hengduan Biotech. We mass-propagate native Chinese orchid species that are not only beautiful and of high horticultural value but also endangered through habitat destruction and unsustainable collection in the wild. By making laboratory grown plants legally available to a broad international market we increase the populations of these orchids and contribute to their survival. Our steadily growing seed-bank further enhances the long-term conservation approach.

Hengduan Mountains The Hengduan Mountain System (Mountains of Southwest China) is one of the 34 Biodiversity Hotspots of the world. Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd. has its base in this hotspot and works hand in hand with the Chinese authorities to help protecting its rich diversity. 3500 of the 12,000 plant species are endemic in the Hengduan Mountain System. About 380 orchid species are at home in the region, including 27 Cypripedium and several Paphiopedilum species. Of the 237 mammals of our area the most famous is the Giant Panda, the international symbol for the conservation of biodiversity.