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Welcome to Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology!
We are specialists in Slipper Orchids of the genera Cypripedium and Paphiopedilum, and produce a wide range of other temperate to tropical Chinese Orchids, like Pleione, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and vandaceous genera. Additionally an increasing range of hybrids and exotic orchids like Phragmipedium, Mexipedium, Cattleya and Lycaste are introduced to our laboratory and greenhouses.
We will have an increasing offer of none-orchid plants like ferns, alpines, Asarum etc.
Since spring 2010 we can export orchids overseas with full CITES and phyto sanitary coverage!
Propagation Media
Since 2003 we have build up a broad know-how in orchid in vitro propagation. We pass this know-how to our customers in the form of ready-to-use instant media that are available from right out of our laboratory! Beside our own proprietary formulations for sowing, reflasking and tissue culturing of orchids we sell a wide range of internationally published orchid media, as well as general plant tissue culture media.
Laboratory Materials
In addition to in vitro propagation media we sell agar and gellanum gum (Hengdugel), vitamins, amino acids, peptones, plant growth regulators and a wide range of other ingredients of media and offer long-term reusable plant tissue culture vessels (flasks and jars) on polycarbonate basis.
Check out our list of exciting orchid and other plant books focused on the Chinese flora!
Orchid and Plant Watching tours – Since 1999 Wenqing and Holger Perner, the founders of Hengduan Mts. Biotechnology, lead tours in China (languages spoken are English, German, Japanese and Chinese). Have a look at the tour history list.
Orchid shows and orchid displays – We design and stage your orchid show and provide the plants.